O Christmas tree | DW Documentary

O Christmas tree | DW Documentary

Each December, like many families, the Scherms go out and chop down their own Christmas tree. It’s a holiday tradition. But what makes for a perfect Christmas tree?

The Scherm family lives in the Sauerland, which is home to many Christmas tree farmers. For them, winter is the happiest season of all from an economic point of view as well. The business they do in the short run-up to Christmas has to tide them through the whole year. Most of the trees are sold to bulk purchasers and middlemen, though families like the Scherms also ensure that Christmas trees secure jobs in the Sauerland. But what does the perfect Christmas tree look like? Tall and thin, or short and stocky? The Scherms know what they’re looking for – and have brought their saw along. A report by Axel Rowohlt.

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