NEW WORLD CURRENCY | Presented by Russian President Medwedev

A coin of a potential new world currency was presented by Russia´s president Medwedev after the G8. So the BRIC Countries really seem to take it seriously with aiming at the Dollar´s reserve currency status. New World Currency? ist seit 2007 das erste freie Videoportal Deutschlands, welches frei zugängliche Videos in Form von Berichten, Dokumentationen, Diskussionen, Filmen, Interviews, Livestreams, Musik-Videos, Serien, Trailer, Video-Clips und Vorträge in einer Mediathek vereint.

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    Tufan Özge
    The Russian President made the right decision to introduce this new global reserve currency.There is a need in the free world to drop the US-Dollar Assets,because the US-Dollar has no value,it is a meaningless currency and should be only traded in the USA.The name of the new Global Reserve Currency can be the ACOM or the ACMETAL, which was mentioned by the Kazakh President.The ACOM will take down the US-Dollar very fast,because the new Global Reserve Currency will backed by the International World Community.Let us not forget,how many atrocities the USA made in the past against the free world,there were… Mehr anzeigen »

    Thanks, das sind doch Informationen