NEW WORLD CURRENCY | Presented by Russian President Medwedev

A coin of a potential new world currency was presented by Russia´s president Medwedev after the G8. So the BRIC Countries really seem to take it seriously with aiming at the Dollar´s reserve currency status. New World Currency?


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  1. Avatar von Tufan Özge

    The Russian President made the right decision to introduce this new global reserve
    currency.There is a need in the free world to drop the US-Dollar Assets,because
    the US-Dollar has no value,it is a meaningless currency and should be only traded in
    the USA.The name of the new Global Reserve Currency can be the ACOM or the ACMETAL,
    which was mentioned by the Kazakh President.The ACOM will take down the US-Dollar
    very fast,because the new Global Reserve Currency will backed by the International
    World Community.Let us not forget,how many atrocities the USA made in the past
    against the free world,there were many wars in the past,which were inflicted by the USA.It is time to for the new Global Reserve Currency and that means Freedom and Peace.
    The USA must not be a Superpower,we must live in a multipolar world and the Free World wants to get rid off the USA,because there is a consensus in the World Community to punish the USA for the hostilities,which were made by the USA,especially against Asian Nations,like the War Atrocities of the Japan War,Korean War,Vietnam War,Iraq War 1-3,Afghanistan War and many wars to come.The USA can be
    stopped very fast,it depends on the Leadership of the Free World Community,especially in Asia.The best way to solve all the Problems with the USA,is
    to Stop any Diplomatic Contacts with the USA and the Free World Community can isolate the USA and it begins with the new Global Reserve Currency.The USA wants to
    weaken the Free World Community and the reason is the USA wants to stay as Superpower,but this Days are outnumbered.The USA will not be the Superpower anymore
    and the Free World Community has developed this Consensus to Stop the USA.We need
    only the national members of Asia,Africa and Latin-America to take down the USA as
    entire nation,the Free world will enjoy how the USA will be beaten,especially in Asia
    is there the need and desire to punish the USA,there are of course Pseudo-Allies
    of the USA,which does need the USA for Trade,but the US-Dollar will have no value
    anymore in the Free World Community,the US-Dollar Trade will pushed back to the USA.
    How can the Free World save Dollar Assets and support this hostile Regime,there must
    a Regime Change in the USA and it will begin with the new Global Reserve Currency.
    Who cares about the US-Fascist Leaders and what they say not to mention the many
    Fascist US-Faces on the US-Dollar Bills,let the US-People trade with the US-Dollar
    within their own border.The Free World Community will isolate the USA and will punish the USA.There is no need to trade with the USA,the Free World Community can trade globally without the USA.The USA is a Consumer nation and not Producer nation,
    they consume one quarter of the World Oil Production every day and this is the
    reason,why the USA made the Iraq War to gain control over the Iraqi Oil Fields and to save the US-Petrodollarsystem,but the US-Petrodollarsystem will not last forever,
    because the Free World Community will drop the US-Dollarassets and will support the
    new Global Reserve Currency,there will be a basket of new Global Reserve Currencies,
    they will represent the Free Spirit of the World,for every World Continent will be
    a different Currency and this new Global Reserve Currency System will trade with each other continent.There is the ASIAN UNION,AFRICAN UNION and the UNASUR and every continental Union will have a different currency,like the ACOM for the ASIAN UNION,
    the AFRICOM for the AFRICAN UNION and the LATINO or SUCRE Currency for the UNASUR.
    There is really no need to depend and to trade with the USA,let the US-People trade with the US-Dollar within their own border,they are not be able to produce something,
    what they can only do is to print the US-Dollar with no value and buy products
    of the Free World,especially oil and what the USA additional do is to inflict damage on the Free World Community,this is the reason,why the USA has the biggest
    military spending in the world.The Free World should not lend any kind of Money to the USA,this is the wrong signal to this hostile Regime,they USA gains only power
    with cheating the Free World Community with this behaviour.The Free World Community
    should drop every US-Dollar Asset as quickly as possible and should create differnt global Reserve Currencies,like the mentioned currencies,The Free World should not lend any kind of money to the USA,this strategy will strenghten the Free World and
    will weaken the hostile Regime of the USA.There must be a Global and United Spirit
    in the World Community to defeat the USA and this is really possible,the Free World Community must isolate the USA and must punish the USA and then there will be a Regime Change in the USA,we must believe in this Regime Change in the USA.

  2. Avatar von lisapower

    Thanks, das sind doch Informationen