Miley Cyrus ist nicht mehr vegan • Omega 3 ohne Fisch? • Stellungnahme

Miley Cyrus ist nicht mehr vegan • Omega 3 ohne Fisch? • Stellungnahme

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Quellen & Zeitstempel:

0:42 Long-chain omega-3 fatty acids and optimization of cognitive performance

2:03 Alternative Sources of Omega-3 Fats: Can We Find a Sustainable Substitute for Fish?

2:08 Fungi as an alternative to produce essential fatty acids

2:14 & 3:12 & 15:27 Bioequivalence of Docosahexaenoic acid from different algal oils in capsules and in a DHA-fortified food

2:24 Persistent organic pollutants (POPs) in fish with different feeding habits inhabiting a shallow lake ecosystem

2:29 Public health concern behind the exposure to persistent organic pollutants and the risk of metabolic diseases

2:40 Fish consumption and breast milk PCB concentrations among Mohawk women at Akwesasne

3:02 Crypthecodinium cohnii and Schizochytrium sp. as potential substitutes to fisheries-derived oils from seabream (Sparus aurata) microdiets

3:21 The bioavailability of an omega‐3‐rich algal oil is improved by nanoemulsion technology using yogurt as a food vehicle

3:36 Achieving optimal essential fatty acid status in vegetarians: current knowledge and practical implications

3:48 How To Make A Flax Egg – Loving It Vegan

How To Make A Flax Egg – Loving It Vegan

3:57 Heat Treatment and Thirty-Day Storage Period Do Not Affect the Stability of Omega-3 Fatty Acid in Brown Flaxseed (Linum Usitatissimum) Whole Flour

5:12 Vegan Health

5:14 The Vegan RD

5:17 Vegan for Life*
& Vegan for Her*

5:19 Becoming Vegan*

7:30 Placebo and Nocebo Effects

9:54 Blood type diets lack supporting evidence: a systematic review

10:15 & 11:15 There Are 5 Different Brain Types: Here’s What Your Type Says About You

12:23 Starsunfolded – Miley Cyrus

16:16 RollingStone – Miley Cyrus Undergoes Vocal Cord Surgery: Report

16:41 The U.S. Sun – Can be tamed! Miley Cyrus reveals she’s six months sober after years of admitted drug use and hard partying

18:22 Position of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics: Vegetarian Diets

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