Midwives in crisis in Germany | DW Documentary

Midwives in crisis in Germany | DW Documentary

Midwives are sounding the alarm that Germany faces a birthing crisis. But with their already overwhelming workload, it’s hard for many to find the time to fight for their rights. Katharina Perreira — a freelance midwife and mother — is trying to do it regardless. Along with the organization Midwife Rebels she’s campaigning for affordable liability insurance and a better image.

The call by many midwives for an improvement in work conditions in Germany is getting louder. But political commitment to improving an extremely high workload is lacking. Katharina Perreira – freelance midwife and mother of a large family – is trying to change things. Together with the organisation Midwife Rebels, she campaigns against increasing liability insurance sums and for a better image of her profession. But that’s not all. Because she says, „Good midwives strengthen society. And the way a country deals with its childbirth is a measure of its progressiveness and sustainability“. A report by Anna Goretzki.

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