M.I.A | Born Free (Original Shortmovie English)

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Director : Romain Gavras Director of Photography : André Chemetoff Producer : Mourad Belkeddar Production company : elnino.tv Executive Production : Gaetan Rousseau / Paradoxal Special thanks to Lana & Melissa from The Director’s Bureau. M.I.A | Born Free (Original Shortmovie English).

M.I.A.’s new music video sparks controversy

The musician M.I.A., who has Sri Lankan and British roots, has just introduced her new music single. Along with the music she introduced her sprawling, bloody and visually arresting new video imagines a dystopian future one in which redheads are the target of a genocidal campaign. Soraya Roberts says M.I.A. made the video because she was partly joking but there is a definite message about authority in the video. However, M.I.A. has not released a statement regarding the video and may leave it to our imagination.

M.I.A | Born Free (Original Shortmovie English)
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