Luxury: Behind the mirror of high-end fashion | DW Documentary (fashion documentary)


This investigative documentary looks behind the shiny facade of luxury fashion. Shot with a hidden camera, it shows the brutal conditions in Chinese fur farms, and how migrants are exploited in Italian tanneries.

Fine handmade bags from Gucci, Prada and Max Mara in the displays of luxurious fashion boutiques are objects of passionate desire. Luxury labels generate over 70 percent of their turnover with leather products. But hardly anyone knows the reality of their production. The major fashion brands comply with a modern code of conduct that also applies to its direct suppliers. But who controls the subcontractors? The film looks behind the beautiful displays at where the raw material comes from: tanneries in Italy, where migrants produce the leather for luxury handbags under miserable and unsafe working conditions; and behind the scenes in China’s fur industry, where the animals are kept under catastrophic hygienic conditions and before being cruelly slaughtered.

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