LMNZ feat. Akanni, Finest, Chefket, Mingus, Uno, MSD | Inspiration (Music-Video 2012)

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Video-Credits: “3 DAYS WITH DOWNRIGHT IN LEIPZIG” from YouTube-User: http://www.YouTube.com/user/BlechSchmelze
Blech Schmelze auf Facebook: http://www.Facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001107745974
Original-Video: http://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=9wVXbdjaR_A

Audio-Credits: LMNZ feat. Finest, Chefket, MSD​(​all German​)​, Akanni (E​)​, Mingus (E​)​, Uno (E​)​) and their track: Inspiration from “Worldwide Rap”. Digital album: http://LMNZ.BandCamp.com/track/inspiration

Lyrics English:

yet again hour after hour goes by full of stresses and strains
in stifling studios, where i wanted to start sth
but instead of writing parts staccato impromptu
it just helps me to stay down to earth,
instead of standin proudly on stilts above standards
the pen doesn´t hit the paper
enlace myself on the piano
everything just “old hat(“boots” in german)”
why doesn´t anything happen?
tacitly starrin at the monitor, helpless like in a romper suit back in the days
“ahh an idea”!! but i didn´t like it…
at a beach on a cloth, with a book in ur hand
or how s ur world lookin at the moment?
i need some support straightway but ur rarely helpin me these days
did u die hangin on a rope, or is strike ur strategy
i d really love to chill with u,
but unfortunately i´m not reachin u

Hook Akanni

What we know and what we feel
gives us power
journey to a place that’s real
lookin out my window
seekin searchin tryin to find


ah i got a quarrel now with my writers block
and we arguein about if i write sth or if i ain´t got time anymore
she says “no, this is too close”
i say, what? fuck gimme the paper
my friend, time runs quicker then u can talk
and if u can remember everything u r an elephant
or superintelligent, und then u say, this here got megafunk
and i send the track forward via telegram


There are 1000 hidden tracks, i´m searching for them like a detective
Moving in a tentative way like a blind guy
Finding the text plus the melodies
My weaker self’s barking increases, but I’m just focusing on the beat
I’m feeling the beat who’s telling me that I´m a do it
And i accomplish it every day and pursue my goal
Give me a pen and a pad and a beat
And i´m going to show u an extreme rapper
So u ll be thinking “fuck, I haven’t heard of the mc yet”
Always improving, cuz rap’s not a game to me
Find ur talents, think and find the sound
Cuz if u ain’t no what ur goals in life are
Ur unfortunately lacking inspiration

the instrumental’s influential, secreting a mental stimulus
limitless brain activity keeping the styles infinite
intricate inner steps, taken with in my interlect
to interject cleverly, verbally for you to intercept
get it and let it simar my flavour’s the maker
well nourished to flourished, inspiration’s the main ingredient
get out your food atamps this cool cat will prove that
flavours of all sorts is imbeded within this music


What we know and what we feel
gives us power
journey to a place that’s real
lookin out my window
seekin searchin tryin to find


Another day in my life, another rhyme I should write
Manifest and live forever so I can bring you the light
It must be money on my mind, my mind over matter
Matter of fact its the raps that are the fact of my life
Jus like we born to die… womb to tomb routine
Given this opportunity to be a MC,
interact with fanmails and mostly them groupies
Makin moves and payin dues… enabled me to push schemes
Its all about… my rhymes my life my fam yo
My backpack my pen my pad yo
On gravity but at the same time i’m ridin high and flyin lo- tis here,
Remarkable like J Coltrane, I swear I could remain dope in this game and bless skills for the
lame/ A native yard kid too prominent to go for the fame…


I’m listeniung to the beat
thinking about what kind of topics i can write about for a long time
Smear some ketchup on my bread with gouda-cheese slices
Right now while splotching my shirt
I´m thinking if I rather should write something deep
Or some Gangstarap stuff
Or rather write some lines funny like clowns
But I’ve just stolen cheerful ideas from bugs bunny
Damn, I ain’t got no idea, i´m a poet in affliction
About to crank, I hate this beat, i´m lacking inspiration

Hook 2x

What we know and what we feel
gives us power
journey to a place that’s real
lookin out my window
seekin searchin tryin to find

Video-Sound-Remix by: https://videogold.de

LMNZ feat. Akanni, Finest, Chefket, Mingus, Uno, MSD | Inspiration (Music-Video 2012):
LMNZ Akanni Finest Chefket Mingus Uno MSD Inspiration Music-Video 2012

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