Living in Russia: Youth (3/6) | Free Full DW Documentary

Living in Russia: Youth (3/6) | Free Full DW Documentary

Russia? We all know Vladimir Putin. But how do Russians live and think far away from Moscow and the Kremlin? A journey through Russia from cradle to Grave.

In this volume Angel from Moscow prances through nightclubs. Kirill from Saint Petersburg fights without rules. Priest Simeon from Serov preaches under difficult weather conditions.

The leading question behind this series is: how do people in the Urals, in Siberia, at the Arctic Circle tick? What do the young strive for, what do the old want? What drives Russians critical of the government, what makes them loyal to the Kremlin? Who are „The Russians“? We accompany Russians through all phases of life, from birth, childhood and youth to old age and death. They tell us their life story. Full of joy and sorrow, hope and despair, sadness and humour. „The Russians“ – a film by Juri Resheto.

You will get to know „The Russians“ in six episodes: One day – one period of life. Birth on Monday – Death on Saturday. Music from Shortparis, a band from St. Petersburg, composed for this series. Exclusiv on DW Documentary!

Get to know „The Russians“ in six episodes:
Part 1: Birth –
Part 2: Childhood –
Part 3: Youth –
Part 4: Adulthood –
Part 5: Old age –
Part 6: Death –

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