Lawrence Lessig outet US Internet-Anschlag

US Government has prepared a "Patriot Act" for the Internet

Lawrence Lessig outet US Internet-Anschlag und spricht über ein „Internet-9/11“ und einen Internet-Patriot Act. „Diese Information bezog Lessig nach eigenen Angaben vom ehemaligen Anti-Terror-Berater Richard Clarke, der ihm auf Anfrage nicht nur gestanden haben soll, dass dem späteren Patriot Act sehr ähnliche Pläne bereits vor den Anschlägen vom 11. September 2001 ausgearbeitet worden waren, sondern auch, dass es entsprechende Pläne für den Fall einer „Internet-Katastrophe“ gebe!“
Unterstützen sie INFOKRIEG.TV und wählen sie damit nicht nur eine unabhängige und kompromisslose Berichterstattung, sondern eine wachsende Bewegung die die Ursachen der Wirtschaftskrise aufdeckt, faulen Kriegen und deren Begründungen richtig auf den Grund geht und für die Grundrechte keine beliebigen Schönwetter-Bestimmungen sind.

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  1. Patriot is like Pater, Farther.
    The Fartherland, sorry Ze Fartherland.
    National Security. But the USA or UK is a corporation/society.
    So the nation (defined as coming from a common ancestor (Adam?)) pays the
    corporation to run the place? Removing the people from direct control,.
    Control of corporate direction is with parliament/senate. An individual has
    a 1 in 60million chance of being heard? Its so easy to threaten 600
    senators, far easier than 60 million. But we have stability and
    ………..apart from the wars its stable. hmmm

  2. What is very important to realize and telling is that an ‚Act‘, is not law.
    It is a ‚ Corporate Policy‘, or ‚Public Policy‘. We have a completely de
    facto fraudulent and criminal organization THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
    INCORPORATED aka USA Inc., that has been masquerading as our sovereign
    Constitutional Representative governing body since and before 1933. USA
    Inc., is a private foreign owned off-shore international criminal
    banking/military cartel that has invaded and occupied without lawful
    authority, jurisdiction or interstate nexus our 50 state geographical
    landmass by way of lies, deception and a silent coup and staged bankruptcy
    of our nation that actually began overtly in 1871.

    If you value a free and open nation and internet you need to understand
    that what I have just disclosed is not only true but, is just the tip of
    the iceberg. There are some excellently produced videos on YT, that will
    confirm what I’ve just stated in detail for beyond what I could hope to
    achieve posting here.

    Please learn this vital information: ‚America Is A Corporation‘ and please
    share it with everyone who will listen.

    Also: go to; – this excellent site has gathered much of
    the documentation that has been hidden that exposes this silent coup of our

  3. 9/11 didn’t just happen, it was a blatant inside job as the latest
    documentary, Sept 11th The New Pearl Harbor makes quite clear. So long as
    Stanford Professors are unable to point out the naked emperor with clarity,
    we will have more false flags.

  4. we really need to do something, its going to far. get a few million people
    take over the army bases and walk right into the government and rip the

  5. If we the people don’t regain OUR true power, then do we really think that
    the „elite banksters“ will allow us „free speech“? .. as we see, this is
    being taken from us on the streets, the internet is soooo much more a
    medium of contact for caring folk .. QED .. if „the boss“ wants control,
    then he’ll get it .. unless we do something … LIKE learn, wake up & Act.

  6. thank goodness The People woke up first HEHE.. watch and research what you
    can before it all crashes down. Remember, we still have books. :-O unless
    they start burning them…

  7. They make way to much of their greedy money off of porn this is hype, fear,
    but means the most to these freaks, sex too, and well that
    is #1 on the net. :) Peace!

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