Kontext TV: Revolutions in North Africa / Intervention in Libya: Economic Backgrounds

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with Samir Amin, Michel Chossudovsky and Mamdouh Habashi
First part of “The New Scramble for Africa”. The complete broadcast is avalable under WWW.KONTEXT-TV.DE

In the public debate, the economic root causes for the impoverishment of North African countries and for the resulting revolts are barely discussed. We talked to the Canadian economist Michel Chossudovsky, head of the Centre for Research on Globalization, Samir Amin of the Third World Forum and Mamdouh Habashi from the International Forum for Alternatives about the role of the International Monetary Fund, the demands of the protest movements and the influence of the U.S. We also asked M. Chossudovsky about the possible motives behind the military intervention in Libya.

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