re:publica 2013 – Katarzyna Szymielewicz, Jérémie Zimmermann: Personal Data: Nothing to hide?

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Are we building the digital environment enhancing our life, or are we guinea pigs of those who control and trade our data?

From major battles won in 2012 against ACTA, SOPA and PIPA, we have a collective responsibility to project ourselves into advocating for protecting our freedoms online. Copyright, Net neutrality, data protection are among the key issues that will determine if our future societies will be more open and based on cooperation and sharing or knowledge, or will turn into authoritarian regimes based on control of our actions and communications.
Social media and all kinds of companies collect a lot of data about us. Some of it is essential to deliver relevant services or is given away with informed consent to receive better service. One may even think that we don’t share anything important or valuab…

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re:publica: Eine jährliche Konferenz über Blogs, soziale Medien und die digitale Gesellschaft in Berlin. / re:publica is Europe’s most exciting and Germany’s biggest conference when it comes to blogs, social media, and our society in the digital age.
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