Ist Hacken ethisch? | Is (teaching) Hacking Ethical? (Vortrag vom 23.05.2009)


Hacking is usually considered as a criminal act, harming people, data and infrastructure. Hence, courses on hacking are perceived with mixed feelings by the general public. The opposite view on hacking is by those who create, build and administrate IT systems. In their world, hacking is the art of creating beautiful solutions and finding uncommon and effective ways to solve inherent problems.

In our talk we first explain what hacking actually is. Based on this we then discuss from several points of view, if hacking, and teaching offensive methods is ethical and come to the conclusion that the potential risks are well worth the advantages. Finally we also propose a conjecture that offensive methods are likely the best method for working in the area of security for real computer systems.

Redner: lexi
EventID: 3205
Event: SIGINT 2009 des Chaos Computer Club [CCC] Ort: KOMED; Im Mediapark 7; 50670 Köln; Deutschland
Sprache: deutsch
Beginn: 23.05.2009 12:00:00 +02:00
Lizenz: CC-by-nc-sa

Ist Hacken ethisch? | Is (teaching) Hacking Ethical? (Vortrag vom 23.05.2009):
Hacken Ethisch Is Teaching Hacking Ethical Vortrag 2009

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