ISDL In Conversation with … Won Jung Byun

ISDL In Conversation with … Won Jung Byun

Ein neues Video der Leuphana UNI / Community: – Dialogue series „In conversation with…“

Building forward better through ESD for 2030: The next chapter for sustainability learning

In this dialogue series, Institute for Sustainable Development and Learning (ISDL) focuses on the role of education – all forms of learning in building back more sustainably from the pandemic towards ESD for 2030.

We are happy to host Ms Won Jung Byun, Senior Project Officer in ESD Section at UNESCO Headquarters for our second virtual event to talk about the role of the recently adopted ‘ESD for 2030’ framework and the Roadmap on how to build forward from the pandemic with more resilience towards inclusion and how can this framework help us to achieve that.

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