Is soy really going to kill you? (WDYGYP-TV E#2)

Is soy really going to kill you? (WDYGYP-TV E#2)

This time I’d like to take a look at the pros and cons regarding soy as a part of your daily nutrition and answer the question if soy is good or evil. I also includes two videos I took from (links to original videos below)

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Dr. Gregor Videos

BRCA Breast Cancer Genes and Soy

The effect of soy on precocious puberty

Hormones Image taken (and modified) from

Soy bean image taken from:

Spinning globe taken from:

Vegan ganz anders
Patrik und Katy geben in diesem Buch einen Einblick in ihre ganz persönliche Herangehensweise an die vegane Ernährung.

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