India: Changing the families fortune and other world stories | DW Documentary

India: Changing the families fortune and other world stories | DW Documentary

4 world stories: Increasing literacy in India, homophobia in Russia, musical bridges between refugees and Germans and a plastic-free future in Principe.

Changing the families fortune in India:
In a digital age, literacy takes on added importance. One country still working to raise literacy levels is India. DW’s Ashish Malhotra went to a village just outside Delhi where one girl is aiming to change her family’s fortunes.

Gay in Russia: Natalia finds freedom in dance
Natalia’s mother admits she felt a physical aversion when she learned that her daughter was gay. Other parents of gay children in Russia react much more strongly. Fortunately for Natalia, there is a place where she is free of society’s prejudices.

Musical builds bridge between refugees and German teens:
Teenage refugees don’t have much opportunity to interact with their German peers. The musical production „Flying high“ is changing that. The teens involved have found a way to share their experiences by sharing their passion for musical theater.

Principe – Looking to a plastics-free future:
Plastic waste is a serious problem on the island nation of Sao Tomé and Principe off the west coast of Africa. A local initiative tackles the problem by involving the whole population in collecting plastic bottles.


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