Immanuel Wallerstein: The Global Systemic Crisis and the Struggle for a Post-Capitalist World

With Immanuel Wallerstein, senior research scholar at Yale University, USA. Co-founder of the world-systems analysis. From 1994-1998 president of the International Sociological Association. Author of numerous books, including “The Modern World-System”.
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The increase of political and economic turmoil – from Ukraine, the Middle East and North Africa to the Euro crisis – is a symptom of a world-wide systemic crisis, says Immanuel Wallerstein. The global capitalist system reaches its limits, as its engine, the endless accumulation of capital, does not function anymore. The system itself cannot solve this problem. The solution can only evolve after the current chaotic phase of transition to a new system. The struggle for a post-capitalist world has already begun between elites who want to defend their power and privileges with increasing repressions and social movements on the other side.
Part of the transition is also the decline of the superpower USA. Although disposing of a huge military machinery, the US is at the same time powerless, as Iraq and Afghanistan have proven. The strategy to strengthen hegemony through trade agreements like TTIP and TTP is failing as well. In the Ukraine crisis the US cannot impose its will unilaterally either. The only solution to the conflict is a neutral Ukraine outside of EU or NATO – a solution that would satisfy Russia, according to Wallerstein.

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