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When mother earth strikes back, she won’t send a hero, she’ll send punishment!

The Earthraiser is back with a warning to those who cause unnecessary suffering and pain. When you feel the pain of all life around you as if it is your own, it will turn you either into a hero or a monster. In Earthraiser – Gaia’s Wish you decide which path you choose, are you going to liberate or punish? What would you do? Are you TEAM #LIBERATE or TEAM #PUNISH?

I’ve spent the last two weeks working extra hard on this because I was so inspired by Mark Filipe, who is the first voice actor to ever bring The Earthraiser to life. I hope you love Mark’s performance as much as I do and if you believe in the Earthraiser then help us bring him to life by supporting our Kickstarter!

Only two weeks left to help us reach our goal and unleashed the Earthraiser upon this world! Support us on Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/earthraiser/earthraiser-gaias-wish

If you like the voice acting in the trailer, go check out the incredible work Mark presents on his Instagram voicing Wolverine! https://www.instagram.com/markfilipeva/No human or nonhuman animals were harmed in the making of this trailer!

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Soundtrack: Countdown by Alexander Nakarada

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