Human Connection Network – How It Works!

Human Connection Network – How It Works! What happens, when you mix a social netwok , a knowledge network and an action network in one userinterface? Watch founder, Dennis Hack, as he introduces you to the nonprofit, open-source, ad-free Human Connection platform in this video. Learn about the ONE DYNAMIC user interface that allows you to connect and to debate and then see all content linked to positive actions you can take – provided by nonprofits, charities, and members.

Here are some of the unique functionalities listed:

– Giving you all standard functionalities of a social network + easy to use and smart tools, map and even a highly efficient project management tool within a simple all-in one user interface
– Filter and sort EVERYTHING, to find EVERYTHING
– With a MORE INFO and TAKE ACTION button connecting you to matching content to see what you can do on the matter you just read about
– Connecting everyone within ONE COLLECTIVE, collaborating for the greater good
– 100% solution orientated
– Designed to be an independent news portal, with the overview of a news magazine (predefined topics), discussion board and knowledge base – by people for people
– Crowd-moderated
– User-friendly basic settings
– Endless possibilities for advanced users
– Open-source, transparent, fair
– Developer API interconnection for external charity content & tools
– Full privacy, ad-free
– Charity status

Human Connection is a new way of human networking on social media, a SUPERTOOL with the potential to achieve sustainable & positive changes, local or global, for the benefit of everyone.