Human Connection – ClickDummy 04 – Search, Filter, Sort

Human Connection – ClickDummy 04 – Search, Filter, Sort Watch founder, Dennis Hack, as he introduces you to the nonprofit, open-source, ad-free Human Connection platform in this video. Learn about the ONE DYNAMIC user interface that allows you to find all public content easily and with one click according to your search and filter. It’s works like a Wiki where all content is searchable according to topics and categories. You can then see all content linked to positive actions you can take – provided by nonprofits, charities, and members. Make sure to watch all ClickDummy videos in this series to understand all functionalities of Human Connection and how it is designed to serve all people and the health of our world.

Human Connection – ClickDummy 04 – Search, Filter, Sort
Human Connection World
This is the English language channel of Human Connection, the next-generation social, knowledge, and action network for a better world. The platform is designed to be free of advertising, protecting user data, and fostering a sense of community and cooperation around the world’s most pressing topics. Human Connection wants to turn negative news into positive action and connect people around philanthropic causes and social innovation projects.

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