How to make better investment decisions

Understanding what has changed in this new normal is key for making better judgement decisions. For most participants in the markets the currecnt uncertainty is causing issues. They are not able to deal with the fast changing environment and stay out and seek security. However, the illusion of job-security and social security is just what it is, an illusion payed for with taxpayers money.
On the other side, gold and silver and other real-asset investments often are performed with mixed objectives, leading to even greater uncertainty.
This video aims at helping to understand the current framework and allows as such for making better decisions.

How to make better investment decisions
Dr. Joern Berninger
In 2007 Dr.Berninger started to make predictions on the coming economic collapse. In this channel you can find discussions in several languages, such as German, Spanish and English. Discussions, Thoughts and Predictions on the subject of the economy and the economic crisis.

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