How Facebook turns users data into its profit | Monologue of the Algorithm


Does Facebook identify and manipulate our feelings? Is it able to recognize our personality type, habits, interests, political views, wages? Does it use all the information in order to reach us with personalized ads or sponsored content? You bet! „Monologue of the Algorithm: How Facebook turns users data into its profit“

Mark Zuckerberg’s empire is based on analysing the digital dandruff that we leave behind on the Internet, transforming it into a valuable consumer profiles and selling it to advertisers. In this factory we are not even a product – we are just a human biomass, which only gains value after being shaped and worked on by algorithm. How exactly does it work? Take a look.

German: „Die polnische Panoptykon Foundation hat ein Video veröffentlicht, das auf Basis einer Untersuchung von Share Lab das Geschäftsmodell von Facebook erklärt. Das englischsprachige Video erklärt mit anschaulichen Grafiken in fünf Minuten, welche Daten Facebook sammelt und wie es sie zu deuten weiß.“ [Via Linkschleuder / FB]

Vladan Joler (SHARE Lab)
Katarzyna Szymielewicz (Panoptykon Foundation)
Based on SHARE Lab research: Facebook Algorithmic Factory

Animation: Aleksandar Ilic
Voice: Zofia Kremer
Sound production: Jarek Gawlik

Supported by: European Digital Rights and Renewable Freedom Foundation

Special thanks to:
British Council

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