How a State really Operates Part 2 -Money and market economy as an expropriation of funds


Our conscience is to be considered as our voice within us. It is able to distinguish wrong from right. But still, we wake-up every morning and betray ourselves.

Deutsche Version:
Marktwirtschaft als Betrug und Verarmung

Terror: Marktwirtschaft – als Verarmungsinstrument by Keuronfuih

We talk ourselves in to believing our lives would be something like a marketplace, and that we could only win, if we left others behind, or if others loose, to be more precicly.

Some people already conjecture, that what we practice and define as economy and a community can´t really work and both are in fact not continuously sustainable.

And still, the discontent of these people is simply because they don´t want to change from the winning team to the side of the loosers. They don´t want to change the system at all. All they want is a clear definition of the looser´s side, and this definition is to be held upright eternally.
This is the only solution they have consuming the system. In other words the observance of the rules of economy is to be maintained.
This is the reality of our value oriented society. A society full of hypocrisy and self-deception. These people develop solutions in corporation with the government in order to gain a position in the global feudal-system with out even knowing.
They don´t bother to seek for the cause, which led to the beginning of a value oriented society and the definition of their values. It is not their intention to let justice prevail on earth. Since they believe that justice on the one hand can only exist with injustice on the other.hand.

THX to WhiteDoveX for the great work of translation and speaking! Euro Keuronfuih (Politprofiler)