Hamas – Jung & Naiv in Palestine: Episode 204

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Hamas – Jung & Naiv in Palestine: Episode 204

(Deutsche Untertitel verfügbar!)
From Ramallah with Saed Bana, Hamas leader & spokesman in the Westbank

Is Hamas a terrorist organization? Why does Hamas use violence to reach their goals? Why do they commit terrible acts? Why does Hamas shoot rockets into Israel? Do they want to kill Jews? Why? Does Hamas recognize Israel, do they want to make peace with Israel? Does Saed speak for all of Hamas? When and how can there be peace? And when will Hamas have a gay party chairman?

Uncut version of this episode: https://youtu.be/Arx8-n6Ioys

Die Leseversion dieser Folge gibt’s bei Krautreporter:

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Hamas – Jung & Naiv in Palestine: Episode 204