Hackers Wanted: Can You Hack It? (Unreleased Documentary 2008)



Flash back to late June 2008, when I received a little news from a birdy in my ear about the much-anticipated but under publicized film “Hackers Wanted” – a glimpse at the underground world of security as portrayed by FBI agents, intelligence specialists, computer security pros, media luminaries, and hackers themselves. Flash forward 10 month later, and a little birdy whispered into my ear again. What did we score this time? An exclusive peek at the movie! That’s right, The Eye Crave Network scored the trailer to this much anticipated movie, which had apparently been circulated by a Russian file-sharing service.

When asked, my source told me the film is still, sadly, on hold, but it’s not yet dead. My research and sources tell me that the movie is more likely to be found in a Dumpster than it is to be screened – Trigger Street inexplicably turned down an offer to screen at the Vancouver Int’l Film Festival. It’s too bad really, this film could do quite well. And we’re still not sure why the movie is on hold. If you work for (or are close to) the film and want to leak it to us, we wouldn’t object.

More Infos: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hackers_Wanted

So, without further ado, I give you the Hackers Wanted trailer! Source and Text:

Hackers Wanted: Can You Hack It? (Unreleased Documentary 2008)
Alternative Wirtschaft Plan B Modell Andreas Popp Vortrag Geldwerkstatt 2013

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