Hacker Jeopardy 2013 [30c3]

Hacker Jeopardy 2013
Zahlenraten für Geeks [Number guessing for geeks]

The Hacker Jeopardy is a quiz show.
The well known reversed quiz format, but of course hacker style. It once was entitled "number guessing for geeks" by a German publisher, which of course is an unfair simplification. It’s also guessing of letters and special characters. ;) Three initial rounds will be played, the winners will compete with each other in the final. The event will be in german, we hope to have live translation again.

Speaker: Sec Ray
EventID: 5577
Event: 30th Chaos Communication Congress [30c3] by the Chaos Computer Club [CCC]
Location: Congress Centrum Hamburg (CCH); Am Dammtor; Marseiller Straße; 20355 Hamburg; Germany
Language: english
Begin: Sat, 12/28/2013 00:00:00 +01:00
Lizenz: CC-by

Hacker Jeopardy 2013 [30c3]
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