Griechenland: Demonstanten werden mit Motorädern gerammt


Anlässlich des vor einem Jahr von Polizisten erschossenen 15 Jahre alten Alexandros Grigoropoulos kam es zu Ausschreitungen bei denen auch Demonstanten werden mit Motorädern gerammt wurden. English: Greek Police on motorcycles ramming Protesters – Violence Erupts on Greek Riot Anniversary.

Demonstrations marking the first anniversary of teenager, Alexandros Grigoropoulos, who was shot by a police officer last year quickly, degenerated into a series of violent clashes as protesters fought running battles with riot police in the centre of Thessaloniki, Greece’s second city. 6/12/09.

Just minutes after the march set off this afternoon, the authorities put into action their zero – tolerance police using tear gas and motorcycle officers to chase down marchers, some of whom had attacked shops in the central Egnatia Boulevard.

Several injuries were caused when groups of approximately 200 demonstrators were trapped by the police who repeatedly fired tear gas canisters into the crowd injuring several.

Hundreds of those contained were attacked by riot police who ordered them to sit down then attacked them with clubs and shields, in addition the cameras of those inside were also smashed and the police verbally threatened the lives of those who attempted to take pictures.

The situation only regained a semblance of order with the arrival of the local media, including camera operators.

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