Gladio: NATO Secret Armies | Daniele Ganser (Interview EN / + ES Subs 2010)

Gladio in Spain, interview with Daniele Ganser

Daniele Ganser, author of NATO’s Secret Armies. Operation Gladio and Terrorism in Western Europe interviwed by Tania Gálvez San José. „Operation Gladio“ (named after the after the Italian branch) was a network of NATO’s stay behind-armies trained by western intelligence and military intelligence agencies to counter the possible communist/Soviet/ Warsaw Pact takeover of Europe after WWII. More:

Elitist-criminal element within the structures of western governments, also called „deep state“ or „shadow government“, manipulated European politics by manipulating both left- and right wing radical groups to start political street wars and terror campaigns to steer western nations according to their agenda … which could be described as a „takeover by international bankers and industrialists“. Some call this agenda the „New World Order“.

The NATO stay behind army-networks had arms caches hidden all over European NATO-countries (also in non-aligned countries such as Finland, Operation Stella Polaris), and military explosives from these caches were used in some of the deadliest terror bombings in the cold war Europe.

To mention few of these cases: Italian investigators discovered that the explosives used in ‚1972 Peteano carbomb‘ was C-4, and came from Gladio-arms cache, althou explosives expert for Italian police at first claimed the Peteano-exposives matched the kind used by left wing radicals, the Red Brigades.

Explosives used in 1980 ‚Bologna massacre‘, according to Italian parliamentary commission, also came from NATO. Liccio Gelli, headmaster of Italian lodge of Freemasons, Propaganda Due (P2) along with officers from Italian military intelligence SID/SISMI received sentences for slandering the investigation.

1969 Piazza Fontana bombing might hav ealso involved the deep state-Gladio network

In West Germany, Peter Urbach an agent provocateur for the W-German domestic intelligence infiltrated leftist communes in the late 1960’s and radicalized them by bringing them petrol bombs, timer bombs and fire arms, but also mind altering drugs. CIA is known to have used mind altering drugs (LSD etc.) during their operations such as MKULTRA.

Some of these left wingers, radicalized by W-German intelligence later formed militant groups such as the Red Army Faction, also known as Baader-Meinhof Group. It is possible that Urbach, who brought Molotov coctails into leftist communes in the first place, also influenced Andreas Baader who, with his friends, fire bombed two department stores in Frankfurt, Germany, in April 1968.

Peter Urbach also supplied the timer bomb used by Tupamaros West-Berlin in the failed bombing of Berlin’s Jewish Community Center in November 1969.

There apparently is a connection between the 1980 Oktober Fest bombing to neo-nazi leader Heinz Lembke, who is believed to have been member of the German Gladio branch. Lembke was found dead (hanging) in his prison cell day after he lead investigators to over 30 arms caches.

These arms caches were most likely Gladio caches. The area where these caches were hidden was mentioned as one of the rendez vous-areas for the German Gladio-network in documents from 1950’s. But the“ official version“ is that Lembke received these weapons from neonazi sympathizers in the German military.

Source: Daniele Ganser – NATO’s Secret Armies – Operation Gladio and Terrorism in Western Europe (2005), pages 205-209 (english print)

Der Spiegel reports that previously unknown documents show that Gundolf Köhler, the Oktober Fest bomber, may have been with other people at the scene right before the bombing, thou officially it is held that he operated alone.

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Gladio: NATO Secret Armies | Daniele Ganser (Interview EN and ES Subs 2010):
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