Germany will bail out every Euro country before collapsing (RT)

Another Eurozone country – another threat of an imminent bailout. Italy is the third largest economy that uses the Euro – and there are fears it may start plunging in the same direction as Greece and Ireland. With the Euro falling, the amount of money it costs Rome to lend to debt-ridden countries is rising dramatically.

Spain, Portugal and Belgium are also at risk of being pulled into the crisis. Doubts about the future of the single currency and the EU itself have been intensified by fresh protests sweeping across Europe – with people angry at facing savage cuts to pay for it all. To break some of this down RT talks to Michael Mross, a market analyst and author from ist seit 2007 das erste freie Videoportal Deutschlands, welches frei zugängliche Videos in Form von Berichten, Dokumentationen, Diskussionen, Filmen, Interviews, Livestreams, Musik-Videos, Serien, Trailer, Video-Clips und Vorträge in einer Mediathek vereint.
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