Germany: Flood-hit areas brace for winter | DW Documentary

Germany: Flood-hit areas brace for winter | DW Documentary

It’s been five months since the devastating floods in Germany’s Ahr Valley. Thousands of houses remain uninhabitable, and many have to be torn down. With the arrival of winter, many people are facing the challenge of living without adequate heating.

Nils Görres works for a heating and plumbing company in Altenburg, one of the towns in Germany devastated by the floods last July. Like many buildings in the region, the company office was destroyed by the floods. Görres and his colleagues have been doing what they can to help repair damages – but they can hardly keep up with demand, and there is the added challenge of supply chain shortages. They keep working nonetheless and say giving up is not an option for them. Right now, their priority is to provide as many flood victims as possible with a functioning heating system for the winter. A report by Florian Nusch.

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