“Germany complicit in NATO aggression toward Russia” – Sahra Wagenknecht, Berlin 12/2/14 (RUPTLY)

"Germany complicit in NATO aggression toward Russia" – Sahra Wagenknecht, Berlin 12/2/14 (RUPTLY)

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Germany: “We’re complicit in NATO aggression toward Russia” – Wagenknecht

Germany: "We're complicit in NATO aggression toward Russia" – Wagenknecht

M/S Sahra Wagenknecht walking to podium [CUTAWAY] M/S Audience [CUTAWAY] SOT, Sahra Wagenknecht, German MP (German): “We have a Germany that exports weapons all over the world. We have a Germany that participates in the aggressive NATO strategy against Russia; has started a new Cold War. Tomorrow, the NATO Foreign Ministers will sit together and want to use a spearhead rapid force and they are discussing how this group is supposed to be deployed in eastern Europe. My God, one hundred years after the start of the First World War, they have still not realised that we cannot wage wars in Europe. And it is very quiet in the streets. What we finally need is resistance to this war policy.”
W/S Audience [CUTAWAY] SOT, Sahra Wagenknecht, German MP (German): “And when I listen to this hypocrisy with which they are telling us, ‘Germany has to take up responsibility all over the world. And responsibility is only mentioned when it comes to the point of delivering weapons, to send soldiers, when it comes to the point of participating in wars and murder. Because war is murder. What kind of responsibility is this? That is a damned hypocrisy.”
C/U Die Linke banner [CUTAWAY]


Germany is complicit in NATO’s aggressive strategy toward Russia, German MP Sahra Wagenknecht said at a symposium on the 100th anniversary of the First World War in Berlin on Tuesday evening.

Wagenknecht, who is a member of the Bundestag for the Germany’s Left party (Die Linke), also criticised the grounds upon which the government justifies intervening in other countries as “damned hypocrisy.”

The symposium was organised by Die Linke. Other politicians who spoke were Gregor Gysi (Die Linke), Jan van Aken (Die Linke), Mathias Petersen (SPD) and Sven Tode (SPD).

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