Gandhi Speaks the Truth


The similarities between the times when India was ruled by the British and the state of the world today are strikingly similar. The Britishers would have loved to impose the surveillance society and tyrannical laws that exists today, particularly in the US and UK.

Everyday the media does its best to convince us that a little loss of Freedom and Liberty here and there is alright for National Security purposes. Terrorism seems to be the Mantra for those in power to control the actions and thoughts of the populace. The majority is disarmed through fear and propaganda about Wars, Pandemics and Economic crises that leads to them living in an environment of insecurity and hopelessness. Meanwhile, the Government is busy privatizing the gains to a few and socializing the losses to many, and expanding it’s Empire overseas with Illegal wars. And, if it senses opposition building in the public, it makes use of false flag attacks to confuse them and justify it’s actions.

Gandhi may be dead, but his message still remains as relevant as it was more than 50 years ago, and it would serve us well to listen and ponder what he had to say when the people of India were being oppressed by the tyrannical British Empire. Because, eventually, History might just Repeat itself.