Forecasting the 2014 Ebola Outbreak – SPEED – PROPAGATION – CONTAINMENT

After Patients in Liberia had been freed by the mob, the outbreak containment options have been proven ineffective. The number of cases will very soon reach new highs leading to vast capacity problems. The way on how the health organizations dealt with Ebola is no longer effective.
And new potential risks derive from contaminated material such as cloths, mattresses, etc. as well from already recovered patients which will become eventually promoters of the disease. Containment options are therefore more and more limited and after initial successes it becomes likely that this outbreak will climb much higher in numbers, especially after those 17 patients have been freed and mixed with the 70.000 population in the slums of Monrovia.

Dr. Joern Berninger

Dr. Joern Berninger

In 2007 Dr.Berninger started to make predictions on the coming economic collapse. In this channel you can find discussions in several languages, such as German, Spanish and English. Discussions, Thoughts and Predictions on the subject of the economy and the economic crisis.
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