Fighting to fight: Equality in the bullring | DW Documentary

Fighting to fight: Equality in the bullring | DW Documentary

Bullfighting is a defining symbol of Spain. For Conchi Rios, it’s about artistry and expression. She’s one of the few professional female matadors in Spain and she’s up against a sexist industry.

For some it’s tradition. For others, controversy. In any case, it’s a money-making business. Many men dream of becoming a matador. Conchi Rios was one of the few women with this same dream. She trained to be a ballerina as a child but in her early 20s, she understood that she wanted to be in the arena, not on the stage. Now, she’s made it to the top of her profession. But the more successful she has become, the more resistance she faces. She has come up against sexism and finds it hard to get bookings for bullfights. When she is in the ring, some audience members prefer to go off to buy a drink – even though she’s deemed as good as the some of the best male bullfighters. Bullfighting in Spain: One Woman Sees Red. A Report by Christopher Bobyn.

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