Fighting for gender equality in Palestine and Israel | DW Documentary

Fighting for gender equality in Palestine and Israel | DW Documentary

This film documents the lives of young Palestinian women in Palestine and Israel. They live in contexts dominated by men, surrounded by outdated gender roles. But step-by-step, these young women are shaping their own paths through life.

The documentary takes viewers across Israel and the West Bank to meet Palestinian women shaping the cultural landscape. The film’s protagonists are activists, feminists, entrepreneurs, and artists. Among them is DJ Yasmin Eve, who lives in a conservative Arab community in Haifa, Israel. She says that people are often shocked when they find out that she isn’t Jewish. “I have tattoos and a nose-piercing, so apparently I don’t look Palestinian,” she says. Yasmin Eve is one of many Palestinian women who works and contributes to the cultural landscape. She has a forward-thinking attitude, which isn’t always welcomed by more conservative Palestinians and Israelis.

The young women interviewed for this documentary speak about their culture and identity in a war-torn territory. Their stories paint a picture of a generation of confident women striving to shape their own lives.

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