Everything is OK 7 | The Peaceful Edition

Danny and Charlie experiment with signs in central london. Just to fill you in with a few things you dont see….. Danny is offering out a £10 note. Nobody is taking except you do see a young lad come and ask for it. I offer to give him the money and invite him to get it changed up and to give it away to people who really need it and do something of his own. He accepts the offer and takes the money. Why do the adults all refuse to take the money?

Later, Danny is standing about 5 ft up by a monument near Leicester Square with his ‚everything is ok‘ sign. This cool looking plain clothes cop (whom he has met before and coversed at length) ORDERS him down in the usual bad parent style. He comes down and asks what the problem is. The cop responds ‚ to prevent you from getting hurt‘ to which Danny responds ‚I take full responsibility for my actions‘ but he is having none of this and radios in for CCTV cameras to record Danny. Danny has found this creeping attitude of police and security personnel ‚protecting‘ us when we do not want or need it.‘ He does however say ‚I love you guys‘ at the end! Everything is OK 7 The Peaceful Edition.

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