Europe under pressure: Cyber Security (discussion round)

Europe under pressure: Cyber Security (discussion round)

Given the growing threat of cyber-attacks in an ever closer interconnected world, this panel takes a look at the OSCE’s potential to support cooperation in this field. The crucial question is if and how the OSCE can provide a platform for discussion and contribute to the development of a potential European cyber-regime to overcome hostile behavior in the field.

Discussion round: 13th International DASI Conference 2017
Europe under pressure:
Panel 5 – Cyber Security

Organized by: Diplomatic Academy of Vienna
Date of event: 4th March 2017
Location of event: Diplomatic Academy of Vienna

Topic: Cyber Security

Discussion participants:

Guido Gluschke, Director of the Institute for Security and Safety (ISS)
Ben Hiller, OSCE Cyber Security Officer
Chelsey Slack, NATO Policy Officer on Cyber Defence
Nemanja Malisevic, Senior Security Strategist, Global Security Strategy and Diplomacy Team, Microsoft

Richard J. Harknett, US-UK Fulbright Scholar University of Oxford, Head of the Department of Political Science at the University of Cincinnati

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