Are arms manufacturers complicit in war crimes?| DW Documentary


A French manufacturer of weapons components has been charged with complicity in war crimes. It is a trial that could set an important precedent, and might change the way arms manufacturers do business.

Among the remains of the Israeli missile fired at the Shuheibar family home in 2014, a component was found that had been made in France. Survivors and witnesses of the attack say there was no military target in the house — then, or ever.
The only victims were Palestinian civilians: three children feeding pigeons on the roof of their home. The Israeli authorities refused to investigate the attack. However, the discovery of a French weapon component provided an opportunity to try the case under French jurisdiction.
“An accomplice to a crime is a person who knowingly assisted or facilitated it.” This is the legal argument being made by Joseph Breham, the lawyer who represents the relatives of the children who were killed. The case, which could take 5 to 10 years to make its way through the French courts, might undermine the impunity the arms industry relies on.
This gripping documentary follows the Shuheibar family’s battle for justice. It is a fight between David and Goliath — one that could have far-reaching effects.


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