Economic Crisis: My Two Rubles

I discuss how to survive during deflation and inflation. I talk about cash and barter sectors of the economy and give an example of multilateral barter transaction. My deepest appreciation! I have watched the video twice. Once yesterday morning and again in the afternoon. I like the software that you used, but more importantly, your approach to explaining in comprehensive terms, the what and the why. There are a number of people, as well as myself, who will not immediately connect the dots. But, your logic is based on first hand experience and honestly I have never had an explanation of the inflation/deflation dynamics explained so well in simplistic terms.

What I gained from the video is that I can survive and most likely help others if I spend my resources moving between both dynamics (cash loop and cashless/barter loop) as there is a place for each during this time of transition. You also encouraged me to look further into finding trends and tapping into that cash flow that allows for a sustainable future. I was on the edge of my seat during the presentation because it is important and again, the perspective comes from someone who survived finding an abstract balance between communist and capitalist systems.

I salute you friend and thank you for taking the time to put together a brilliant and critical analysis of history repeating itself.

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