ECB goes All In – Euro now has storage cost as GOLD does

The European Central Planner Bank (#ECB) and Mario Draghi today plan to eventually go all in and announce negative interest rate for deposits with the ECB. This is getting us closer to a new gold standard, because now the ECB does invalidate the argument that Gold is not money as it does not bear interest. The Euro has become now defacto the closest ally to GOLD, it is the one of the first fiat currencies, which punishes safety incurs storage cost and therefore is inferior to gold in nearly all aspects. Therefore the future of the #EURO will become highly linked to the price of Gold and the ECB gold holdings.

ECB goes All In – Euro now has storage cost as GOLD does
Dr. Joern Berninger
In 2007 Dr.Berninger started to make predictions on the coming economic collapse. In this channel you can find discussions in several languages, such as German, Spanish and English. Discussions, Thoughts and Predictions on the subject of the economy and the economic crisis.

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