Die Zukunft unserer Nahnung | The Future of Food (Documentary English)

There is a food revolution happening in America today. People are seeking out farmers‘ markets, organic produce and good restaurants. At the same time, our food supply is increasingly controlled by multi-national corporations.

Over the past 10 years, with the advent of genetic engineering and the massive expansion of pesticide companies, like Monsanto, into the seed business, the very nature of our food system has radically changed with potentially disastrous effects on our food security.

Patenting of life is now permitted, no labeling of genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) in food is required, research is conducted on these issues by universities beholden to the „agri-corps“ who fund them, and the major regulatory agencies are run by former execs from these very companies.

The Food of the Future (Full Documentary)

Scientist, feminist, ecologist and author, Vandana Shiva, presenting the keynote address at the 2009 Organicology Conference in Portland, Oregon, on February 28, 2009. pdxjustice Media Productions, Producer: William Seaman

All the while, the average citizens remain blissfully unaware that they are eating GMO food and supporting the aggressive „corporatization‘ of their food sources. In fascinating and accessible terms, ‚The Future of Food‘ illuminates the major issues ultimately affecting us all — some surreal, some futuristic, many frightening.

Yet, ‚The Future of Food‘ is a hopeful film, featuring insightful and moving interviews with farmers, agriculture and business experts and policymakers. It sees a future in which an informed consumer can join the revolution by demanding natural, healthy food sources that insure environmental integrity.

Die Zukunft unserer Nahnung | The Future of Food (Documentary English):

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