Die Stimme der leisen Mehrheit

Als authentisch, informativ und aufklärend wurde “Occupation 101” beurteilt. Regisseur Abdullah Omeish und Sufyan Omeish stand hinter der Kamera. Íhr Herz schlägt für Dokumentarfilm? Freuen Sie sich auf 85 Minuten Filmgenuss. Der aufklärende Streifen stammt aus Amerika. Die Stimme der leisen Mehrheit (Orginaltitel: Occupation 101 Voice of the Silenced Majority)

Occupation 101 is a 2006 documentary on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict directed by Sufyan Omeish and Abdallah Omeish, and narrated by If Americans Knew founder Alison Weir. The film discusses events from the rise of Zionism to the Second Intifada and Israel’s unilateral disengagement plan, and presents its case through dozens of interviews. It questions the nature of Israeli-American relations. Specifically, it questions the Israeli military occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, and whether Americans should help pay for it.[1] Occupation 101 includes interviews with mostly American and Israeli scholars, religious leaders, humanitarian workers, and NGO’s critical of the injustices and human rights abuses that stem from Israeli policy in the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and Gaza Strip.

Official Website: http://www.occupation101.com/
Second Edition DVD – http://www.occupation101.com/purchase.html

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