Die Menschlichkeits-Polizei

The modern revolutionary knows that the control-matrix of the modern Corporate State is armed to the teeth with robot-like soldiers and ‘following orders’ Police. The modern revolutionary does not pick up a gun or bomb and ape the very people he seeks to remove from power. He is fully aware that a violent uprising will bring down an iron fist of hate upon him and his contemporaries, for the powers that be care not about children, collateral damage, murder or destruction. The powers that be are concerned with their own control. And that’s it.

The real war takes place in people’s minds and hearts, and the modern revolutionary must be aware of this. He must seek to remind the public of their personal glory in the face of a controlling beast. The beast will die if you stop feeding it. Stop feeding it money, stop feeding it souls, and stop feeding it young men who get dressed up in uniform and who are then sent to kill on the other side of the world.

If no one obeys, then no one rules. Wars would be impossible to fight if the soldiers refused to go. The choice to remove the chains begins first in the mind, and then the heart of the individual empowers him to remove all fear along with the chains. Without fear, the human is free. Without fear, the human stands alongside God. As Spartacus said: “I am about as afraid of dying as I was of being born.”

It’s an unconditional love of humanity that drives the modern revolutionary. It is that faith and activism that leads to the new revolutionaries today, men who still believe in men, who are still convinced that we can build a decent society in which all men respect one another, and in which all men can communicate with each other as full-bodied human beings who are still persuaded that WE WILL WIN by fighting the good fight.

We will win this. The revolution has begun…

– Charlie Veitch (with thanks to John Gerassi 1968 edt. of Venceremos)

Update: 13.12.2011 Video is deleted:

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