Die Invasion der Ideen

Hermann Vaske's Invasion of the Ideas Trailer

Neuste Erkenntnisse darüber wie Ideen produziert angeblich Produziert werden. Die Invasion der Ideen.


Where do ideas come from? Since the muse was a child, ideas have fascinated philosophers, artists, scientists and spiritual thinkers. Despite the enormous meaning that ideas have for all human endeavour we know rather little about what stimulates ideas and what motivates the inventor, the musician, the writer, the architect and the filmmaker to transform their ideas into creative work. What are the creative stimuli of ideas, what are the beta-blockers of ideas, and how can we protect the idea against ideakillers?

Filmmaker Hermann Vaske invites you to a surprising encounter with that unknown being called idea. Everybody knows about ideas but to get a grip on them is a Sisyphean task. In order to get closer to them, Vaske has interviewed a number of top scientists and artists of the different creative disciplines. He succeeded in creating an enjoyable and stimulating discovery journey combining people’s meandering walk of personal stories and thoughts with a fast cut montage of their work samples.

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1157662/fullcredits

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