Deported from the USA | DW Documentary

Deported from the USA | DW Documentary

Married, a house, two kids, good jobs: the Escobars led a model life. Then Trump’s immigration policy took effect and José was deported. He had come to the United States as an undocumented minor. Now Rose is fighting to bring her husband back home.

Life without José isn’t easy. Rose has become the sole provider for her family. But she’s doing everything she can to bring her husband back home. He’s been deported to El Salvador, the country he fled years ago, because he saw no future for himself there. In the United States, he had become a model citizen. Now, his children only ever see him on Skype. But Rose has saved up enough money to pay for a trip to El Salvador. We accompany the family to this special reunion. A report by Oliver Sallet.


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