Dear Taxpayer! | Occupy Wall Street Short-Movie (2) Corey Ogilvie 2011

Director’s Statement: Generations of American taxpayers have bailed out today’s big banks to the tune of $12 trillion (New York Times, July 2011). That is $83,000 p American taxpayer, plus interest. Still today, the big banks gamble with government (taxpayer) backing – a ‘heads I win, tails you lose’ scenario.

This absurd scenario obliterates any notion of a true free-market society, we are slowly being reduced to a feudal society: where a small group of individuals, behind closed doors, shape our common economic future, and there is nothing we can do about it. This film explores how this all came to be over the last 3 years.

A short film starring the FED, BIG BANKS, SEC and CONGRESS. Watch how the biggest taxpayer rip-off of human history happened right under our noses. Please do not mirror or copy in any way.

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Please credit ‘shot by you the people, edited by Corey Ogilvie’. Please share with everyone, including your leaders. This video is meant to be a warning to our leaders. Including stunning cinematography from Alex Mallis – and Kristopher Rae –

Watch ‘Dear Taxpayer’, Corey Ogilvie’s latest on the Occupy Wall Street movement:
Dear Taxpayer! | Occupy Wall Street Short-Movie (2) 2011 ist seit 2007 das erste freie Videoportal Deutschlands, welches frei zugängliche Videos in Form von Berichten, Dokumentationen, Diskussionen, Filmen, Interviews, Livestreams, Musik-Videos, Serien, Trailer, Video-Clips und Vorträge in einer Mediathek vereint.

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