David Holbrooke – Telluride Interviews

David Holbrooke - Telluride Interviews

David Holbrooke is the director of „The Diplomat“, as well as „Live from Shiva’s Dance Floor“, „Time for a New God“, „Freaks Like Me“ and „A Redwood Grows in Brooklyn“, which features acclaimed nature photographer James Balog. David’s feature documentary, „Hard As Nails“, was a Mountainfilm 2007 award winner. Before he became a filmmaker, David spent a year in the dotcom world. For the first half of his career, he worked in television news, producing long-form pieces for „The Today Show,“ CBS News and CNN. David has been a contributing editor at GQ and written for The Huffington Post and CNN.com. His production company, Giraffe Partners, is working on several documentaries. Recently he has been devoting much of his time to ‚Original Thinkers‘, a new, highly curated festival that melds speakers, films, and performance into a powerful four day experience.

In the Autumn of 2019 we toured 10 States of the American Mid & Southwest to gain firsthand experience of the socio-political climate. During a visit to the Mountain Resort of Telluride/Colorado we had the opportunity to conduct a series of indebts interviews with renown Politicians, Artists & Scientists about their activities and opinions concerning the current state of America, and the World in general. They shared with us their visions and pragmatic strategies on how to proactively confront the challenges global Society faces today, and will have to tackle moving forward into the future.

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