Dave Meltzer (Wrestling Observer) on Trump & WWE, the McMahons, and Wrestling journalism

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Dave Meltzer (Wrestling Observer) on Trump & WWE, the McMahons, and Wrestling journalism

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I talked to Dave Meltzer (Wrestling Observer) about Donald Trump’s relationship to the Wrestling Business:
– why did Linda McMahon become part of the Trump administration?
– what role did she play in WWE?
– Does Dave ever talk to Linda or Vince McMahon?
– is it the first time someone from the Pro Wrestling industry becomes a cabinet member in a major country?
– what did Trump get for coming on Wrestlemania in 2007?
– who are his favorite wrestlers these days?
– how many people in the US watch it regularly these days?
– why does Dave apparently love Wrestling?
– what’s the point of doing journalism about a fake sport?
– what makes your journalism different compared to a political reporter, for example?
– how does he protect your sources?
– did „the Internet“ change Dave’s work, his journalism?

Dave’s Observer: http://www.f4wonline.com/
Dave on Twitter: www.twitter.com/davemeltzerWON

Recorded on January 20th, 2017

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