Currency reset in the making?

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Is a currency reset in the making? The ECB warned investors and banks last weeks and demanded preparation for a coming crash. Even though there are no immediate signs for a financial crash or a stock market crash, we face further instabilities paired with investors’ belief that the central banks will bail them out all the time. This is a major sign of a social bubble.
Further the Bundesbank announced in a press release a Renminbi center in Frankfurt, which reveals how the central banks diversify away from the US Dollar. Given that the ECB has recently stipulated negative interest rates we have quite a number of warning signs for problems in the US currency markets.

Currency reset in the making?
Dr. Joern Berninger
In 2007 Dr.Berninger started to make predictions on the coming economic collapse. In this channel you can find discussions in several languages, such as German, Spanish and English. Discussions, Thoughts and Predictions on the subject of the economy and the economic crisis.