Criticizing the war – Jung & Naiv in Israel: Episode 193

With guests Shen Liberman & Yael Wissner-Levy.

Do Israelis like to talk about peace when they are in war? What happens when celebrities are publicly anti-war? Does the public appreciate that? What does Jon Stewart have to do with that? How do Israeli news channels cover the conflict? Why is there a baby boom in Israel right now? Why is there overwhelming support for the war in Gaza? Does the media help Israelis & Palestinians dream about peace?

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Yael on Twitter @yaelwiss

Jung & Naiv, episode 193 from Tel Aviv, August 8th, 2014.

Thanks to Brent Sluder for our new Middle Eastern theme song. Thanks to the Ben Kollektiv for new graphics.

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Jung & Naiv

Jung & Naiv

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