Coronavirus in closed worlds in Israel, Iran, Greece | DW Documentary

Coronavirus in closed worlds in Israel, Iran, Greece | DW Documentary

The coronavirus pandemic has affected every aspect of life for people around the world. This time we are in Greece, Iran and Israel and we meet Mahdi Jafari from Afghanistan or Moria Camp, Gershon Moshkovirts from Jerusalem and Majdi Arsanjani from Tehran.

Gershon Moshkovirts is an orthodox Jew from Jerusalem. The lives of Gershon und his community are shaped by their religion. The communal prayers, communal living and Jewish traditions form everyday life. However, with the coronavirus outbreak, these have come to a standstill.

Mahdie Jafari is 15 years old. Together with her family she fled Afghanistan and has lived in Moria refugee camp on the island of Lesbos for five months. Living conditions in the camp were catastrophic even before the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic. There is a lack of water and soap, and the tents are tightly packed. Mahdie is unable to protect herself from the virus.

In Iran, the current situation is difficult to assess because of the way the Iranian government is dealing with the crisis. Majdi Arsanjani is an unemployed lecturer in film directing in Tehran. Majdi has cancer and therefore belongs to the high-risk group. As a result, he lives in strict isolation. The documentary takes a look at how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting people of all cultures and backgrounds around the globe.

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